About Us

Right in the heart of Northern California lies a family owned business with a lot of character.  The Tackle Box in Chico, California is a multifaceted business that incorporates a bar, grill, and outdoor sporting goods store all under one roof.  In the six years since adding the bar and grill to the sporting goods store, the business has gained recognition from people all over the United States.

The sporting goods store that opened in 1997, incorporates all of it’s customers hunting and fishing needs under one roof.  They carry all of the popular firearm brands including Browning, Remington, Winchester, Mossberg, Benelli, and Beretta.  Along with live bait, and all the ammunition you need.  The Peeples family has owned the shop and building for eighteen years before they decided to turn the other half (that was previously a furniture store) into a bar and grill.

Just over six years ago they began building the bar and grill from the floor up.  The entire bar and grill was built by the owners and their friends in the community, with their own two hands.  From the plumbing to the building of the breathtaking hand crafted wood bar itself.  These three generations of men are no stranger to handy work, and are constantly improving the appearance and versatility of the business on a daily basis.

Since the bar and grill opened, it has become an instant success, pulling in the highest liquor sales in all of Butte County it’s first year open.  Often referred to as “Chico’s only real honky-tonk,” The Tackle Box proudly supports live music by hosting local and out of town bands every Friday, and Saturday night!

In April 2015, The Tackle Box hosted the longest live music concert in the history of the world!  Hundreds of local and touring bands came together and played on The Tackle Box stage for 34 days straight, making it the longest live music show in the world.  This attempt, that has since been dubbed “Chico Breaks the Record” was submitted to The Guinness Book of World Records.

Not only is the Tackle Box well known for the bar’s success, but also for the exotic food the grill serves.  The grill is known for serving it’s most popular dish, alligator.  Selling about as fast as it comes in, the Tackle Box is one of the few places in California you can find alligator year around.  Along with other exotic dishes such as frog legs, elk, buffalo, wild boar and venison.

Just recently the Tackle Box has added to it’s character with a little undiscovered secret that only local people know.  That secret is they have the biggest man made barbecue/smoker California has ever seen.  It wasn’t bought either, one of the owners, Richard Peeples, custom built and welded it.  The Tackle Box’s smoker is completely run on wood and is 28 feet long in size, and weighs close to 4,000 pounds!

If there’s one thing you can count on The Tackle Box for, it’s to keep you guessing!  Just recently (2015) The Tackle Box built a brand new stage and huge dance floor by tearing down the pool room wall and converting the two rooms into one giant open concept bar. The Tackle Box owners really took the time to listen to their customers and remodeled the building in such a way that their customers had been asking for.  Now with the new addition of 32 beer taps, and a wood fired pizza oven, The Tackle Box has even further expanded its menu options.

The Tackle Box is open 7 days a week, and is guaranteed to offer an atmosphere unlike anything you have ever experienced.  On this site you can find everything you need to know about every outlet of this multifaceted business.  Including: weekly food and drink specials, monthly entertainment schedules, upcoming events, menus, and featured firearms!

The Tackle Box, good old fashion fun with a knack for beer, food and guns!