About Our Catering 

We don’t have our pricing on our catering menu because pricing varies.

For instance… on-site catering cost more than in-house catering.  Catering with our 28 foot rotisserie barbecue on site is more expensive than catering without it.  If you want us to cater small groups vs. big groups onsite there is a price difference on that.

Please Email our Event Coordinator,  Shaina Paulsen at with the following information to help us get you an estimate faster…

1.) Date and Time of Event 2.) If Party is On-Site or In-House 3.) If On-Site, please provide site location 3.) How many people are we catering for? 4.) What food are you inquiring about? 5.) Do you want us to bring the barbecue?

new catering menu 1

new catering menu 2