Friends & Family

Welcome to The Tackle Box’s Official Friends & Family Page!

Most people don’t know that The Tackle Box is owned, built, and ran by three generations of one hard working family!  If anyone understands the importance of spending time with your family and loved ones, it is The Tackle Box!

Here at The Tackle Box, we like to think of our customers as part of our family, and we will be featuring pictures of our family as well as yours doing what we love most, enjoying the outdoors.

Matt Sullivan and His first turkey with his grandfather, Ray Rummell.


Friends Jose Alvarado, James Neighbors and Christopher Peeples duck hunting.

Christopher and father, Richard Peeples during a duck hunting trip.

Amanda Fairbanks visited the Sacramento River with intention of catching catfish this past Labor Day.  Instead, she caught this 56.5 lb. Striper!


Christopher Peeples after a good day trout fishing.

Peter Henricksen and his family in Montana after a good day of hunting.

Grandpa Phil Peeples catching large mouth bass.

Peter Henricksen and his mountain lion shot in Montana on February 11, 2011.

Emily Kallemn target shooting in Butte County.


Peter Henriksen fishing steelhead at Smith River.


Kevin Brock fishing Steelhead at Smith River.  For info on guided tours:


Peter Henriksen fishing steelhead at Smith River.


Kevin Brock (right) and Ron (Left) Fishing Steelhead on the Smith River in California.

To submit pictures of your family/ friends hunting, fishing or just enjoying the outdoors, please email them as attachments to or you can submit them in person to The Tackle Box hunting and fishing store any day of the week between the hours of 5:30 AM and 6:30 PM.

*Please be sure to include who the pictures are of (first and last name), what they were doing (e.g. duck hunting, trout fishing, etc.), as well as where the pictures were taken.