The Dog


Along with our many other entertainment outlets, we also have superior lab traning abilities. This is Drake, he was a certified service dog and you used to be able to find him here 7-days a week with his best friend in the world, Grandpa Phil. Drake was not only trained in multiple tricks, he also was an excellent duck hunting dog! Unfortunately for us Drake unexpectedly passed away on May 30, 2017 at the age of 9 and a half. Just before Drakes passing he was due to have one last litter with our Cal Fire Manager Misty Blue’s Chocolate Lab Hazel. Drake and Hazels litter arrived shortly after his death on Father’s Day weekend 2017. While Grandpa said he didn’t want another dog, we still took the pick of the litter for him while he was in Alaska on his annual fishing trip.


So just like that… Sod, (Son Of Drake) came into our lives, and began his own legacy. Sod is much different than Drake in personality. Sod loves kids, and is very playful, in part because he is still a puppy of course. We are still training Sod, but we will always miss Drake. Both have their great qualities, and we hope if you loved Drake, you will like Sod too.